Kisaran adidas Elbow Supportwear - Black, L:Kisaran
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adidas Elbow Supportwear - Black, L:Kisaran

adidas Published in September 23, 2018, 8:53 am
 adidas Elbow Supportwear - Black, L:Kisaran

adidas Elbow Supportwear - Black, L:Kisaran

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Samantha Knapp
Samantha Knapp Reply to on 31 August 2018
Amazamma Reply to on 2 August 2018
Adidas Elbow Support Support - Large

If your physiotherapist or doctor has advised you to wear an elbow support to help you manage the symptoms of a condition such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbows and inflammation from overuse or impact injuries, this is the sort of thing you'll be looking to buy - though of course take their advice. This is a stretchy tube that provides support to the elbow. It's got an Elastane content of 15%, with the rest being nylon, so it's really stretchy. It's well-made, with flawless fabric, stitching and finish. It does restrict elbow movement somewhat because it is a simple tube (slightly tapered) and is quite thick, meaning it will be hot in weather like this!

For sale at the time of writing this review at £7.
Chappers Reply to on 14 August 2018
This simple but effective elbow support is handy for anyone who has some weakness in their elbow joint either through injury or overuse. I have recently taken up squash and so have been feeling the strain a bit in my elbow, so wearing this elbow support whilst doing my gym routines has given me a bit more reassurance and stability whilst my elbow gets used to the racquet movements.

The support is simple in its design, although the areas of the brand logo does change the fabric properties which is something that you might be able to feel. I would probably have preferred the brand logo to be a little less intrusive for that reason alone.

For a price of c. £7 (at time of review) that feels fair for what you’re getting.
tone1428 Reply to on 13 August 2018
Speaking of Tennis elbow...Which we weren't, It is something that I often suffer with (Dontcha love getting old?)
I have had a couple of these elbow supports before and this is easily as effective as the others with the bonus of a nice Adidas logo! (Not that the logo helps!) But it is reasonably smart!
Though I was sent the Large size I did find it to be rather snug...Yeah I know that it is supposed to be a tight fit, nonetheless, it is still pretty snug, especially as I am not massively muscular.
It helps that the material is breathable as it gets pretty warm round the elbows!
Pricewise I reckon its very reasonable ..certainly it is as cheap as the last one ibought from the Pharmacist!
seagull Reply to on 10 August 2018
This is a decent quality elbow support. It’s 85% nylon and 15% elastane so it has plenty of stretch. What I like about it is that it relies on the elastane to roll up the arm towards the elbow and keep it secure. Therefore there are no seals or Velcro parts like similar supports I’ve used. This means you can get on with exercises, incudling arm exercises and others where there lots of elbow moment with being aggravated from seals or Velcro. Overall it’s pretty comfortable and does the job of slightly relieving a niggle that I have on my right hand side. These types of supports are never going to cure a niggle but allow enough easing that you can carry on exercising. Overall pretty impressed.
Beanie Luck
Beanie Luck Reply to on 19 August 2018
In 2015 i was diagnosed with Ulnar Neuropathy which leaves my arm numb and i get flooded with pins and needles. I had nerve conduction studies done and my nerves are shot at my elbow so anytime i bend it in any angle i get numbness and pins and needles. I have been wearing this for 2 weeks at night to try and keep my elbow straighter and supported so i am not being constantly woken up by coldness and numbness. The sleeve fitted well, did not sleep, wasnt overly tight, and was very comfortable to wear.

Of course you could just use double layers of Tubagrip which does the same job, but i personally feel that this did a better job.
Petra 🤗📚📓🖋📮
Petra 🤗📚📓🖋📮 Reply to on 16 August 2018
adidas Elbow Support Supportwear is a very neat fitting support for your elbow which is especially useful for sports such as tennis, badminton, bowling etc. I like the smart look of it and the fact it does not look like a medical support means it is one which those who like sport and are very particular with how they look when playing this is an ideal solution to even the most fashion-conscious sports player who has trouble with a painful elbow joint.
It holds the elbow well providing much needed support and for that reason alone I am happy to recommend the adidas Elbow Support Supportwear
Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly Reply to on 14 August 2018
I'm a martial artist, who is getting on the oldish side now. My left elbow give me some gyp after a hard training session now, so I need a support that allows a decent amount of movement and isn't too restrictive. I find that when I wear this it's reasonably tight - I'm not large, but my sizing is large for this - but it doesn't stop me from punching/striking, I used to wear a neoprene version and that was useless when training as it stopped my full range of motion.

It's black, it fits me, it's a decent brand and it does what is says.
metacritic Reply to on 11 August 2018
A good quality elbow support. Stretchy, comfortable flexible enough to provide full mobility but strong enough to provide adequate support where required. The material is breathable allowing airflow through the elbow support. Available in a range of sizes and can be worn on either elbow, it just slips on over the hand and then slide and position into place. Overall effective in aiding recovery from minor injuries, good value quality product.
Glenn Cook
Glenn Cook Reply to on 4 August 2018
If a support can be said to be stylish then this is. The Red Addidas brand contrasts well against the black of the material.

Of course looks and brand name are not the important factors.

At its heart the Elbow Support is a quite good one, well made, well engineered and does the job.
As I say at the start, If you need an elbow support then this Adidas is a good choice.
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