Kisaran Zicac Mens Outdoor Photography Camping Hunting Fishing Vest Multipocket Nylon Cotton Waistcoat Jacket Bodywarmer Camo Gilet - Black - UK L (Asia Tag XL):Kisaran
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Zicac Mens Outdoor Photography Camping Hunting Fishing Vest Multipocket Nylon Cotton Waistcoat Jacket Bodywarmer Camo Gilet - Black - UK L (Asia Tag XL):Kisaran

Zicac Published in October 18, 2018, 11:42 am
 Zicac Mens Outdoor Photography Camping Hunting Fishing Vest Multipocket Nylon Cotton Waistcoat Jacket Bodywarmer Camo Gilet - Black - UK L (Asia Tag XL):Kisaran

Zicac Mens Outdoor Photography Camping Hunting Fishing Vest Multipocket Nylon Cotton Waistcoat Jacket Bodywarmer Camo Gilet - Black - UK L (Asia Tag XL):Kisaran

Price:£16.99+ £6.00 shipping

Stig AKA
Stig AKA Reply to on 30 November 2015
The size was as expected. Perfect for going over a couple of light layers, or remaining incospicuous under a jacket. if you want this vest to go over a thick jumper or jacket then at least one size up would be my recommendation.

There are 14 usable pockets on the front face of the vest, 4 of which are inside. There is also a lower back pocket that takes the rolled up fabric back, allowing for more ventilation through the mesh.

The front zip is not especially heavy duty, but should be sufficiently strong providing the zip is not jerked.

As this vest was bought primarily as a camera 'shooters' vest here are my thoughts on it's suitability for that purpose:
A lot of the pockets are quite shallow, not allowing too much to be 'stuffed' in them. These would be good for memory cards, lens caps, filters, cables, note pads, pens, cash, passports etc. However, the four largest outer pockets have gusset sides allowing them to expand quite a bit, and would be ideal for camera batteries, intervalometer, cables etc. The lower pockets are big enough to take a lens if necessary (maybe up to a 135mm or middle sized zoom - but not a 70-200mm L! They offer no extra impact protection, although the sealing flap covering the zipper is a nice touch (I haven't checked for any water resistant capabilities).

I will update this review after more usage, and will keep an eye on how well the zips, stitching and fabric holds up, and if there is any noticeable water resistance.
Video maker
Video maker Reply to on 20 March 2015
I wasn't entirely sure whether this would fit as I'd read conflicting reports. However, it appears to be as stated in the size chart. I am really pleased with the garment as its exactly what I wanted - loads of different sized pockets, of good quality and pretty stylish as well. I am really pleased with it. It also had a surprise! A removable back panel that exposes a mesh back to the garment that could be really handy in warm weather.
Dr. Ar Haworth
Dr. Ar Haworth Reply to on 3 March 2016
It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. There is a lot that can be fitted into the various pockets. Even when stuffed with a lot of gadgets, and such like, I found myself barely aware that I was wearing it. I tested it while sat on my couch, wearing it for the whole evening, while it was stashed full of stuff, and I didn't find myself aware of the fact. If like me, you find yourself losing keys and bank cards, cos you keep changing coats, this provides a real world solution. It can be worn under your winter coat quite comfortable; provided you're not wearing some fashion label, tailored fit sort of winter coat. In spring you could wear a jumper underneath it [just make sure to get the size above]. I bought an extra large, normally fitting into medium to large. It isn't too baggy when I don't wear a jumper underneath, but it also fits comfortably when I do. In the full heat of summer, the back panel folds away into a pocket, leaving a mesh back. So here is something with tonnes of pocket space, that can still be comfortable when that space is full, and you can use it all year round. I think some people commented on the zips seeming a bit flimsy. While I'm certain they are not the most robust, they don't seem noticeably more flimsy than the zips on some of my goretex jackets, which cost at least 5 times as much as this did.
Cat Reply to on 29 September 2017
Arrived ahead of schedule.

Quality is remarkably good for price. There are a couple of weaknesses between zip and cloth but nothing my tailor can't remedy rapidly and inexpensively.
I'm actually very impressed - enough to purchase another one!

I use it to carry
-2 x pocket notebooks,
-4 x lens cleaners
-3 x phablet sized phones,
-epipen (these things are not small!)
-keys (large bunch)
-pocket tissues
-lip balm
And frankly, I've not yet made a dent in its carrying capacity. Seriously.

I'm about 5'11", 38" chest and XL fits over a quilted jacket perfectly. Bit baggy over a t-shirt or thin top.
T J Jacobs
T J Jacobs Reply to on 1 July 2018
This is the second of these that I have bought, the first one having done dutiful service every day for the last 2-3 years. I am a postman and what I like about it is the fact that I can wear it over my standard kit: over a shirt when it's hot or over a fleece when it's cold. The two large side pockets are perfect for holding my PDA and docket left cards, the smaller upper pockets are great for pens etc. while the two transverse pockets either side of the zip are great for holding keys. Added to this, you have three inner pockets! So, all the pockets you could ever need. It isn't terribly robust and it won't last a lifetime but for something that gets hammered every day it does its job well, and it also has the benefit of being extremely light weight. It is simply the best of all the photography/fishing jackets I have looked at. Annoyingly, I take a small but could only get my latest one in a large.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 June 2018
Excellent quality for the money. I have been using this regularly when walking the dog and when out taking photographs of wildlife.It is ideal for both as it provides a plethora of pockets for dog ball & treats, poo bags, etc., and small camera accessories, without the cumbersomeness of a coat or jacket.
Ideal in warm weather.
I had my doubts because it was so cheap, but they were unfounded.
I will be buying another one in camouflage colours just to use for photography.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 1 June 2016
After reading a lot of reviews, I was unsure which size to go for. Normally take a large in chest size, but ordered the XXL size (XL size UK) and it fits as expected. Great vest for storage when fishing; but then for any activity I suppose.

In relation to size; as I use this for sea fishing, the least I would be wearing is a sweatshirt, with the most being fleece and waterproof jacket. So I measured by chest with my gear on. Could have got away with XL size, but I won't be wearing it with a T-shirt very often.
Carla Kent
Carla Kent Reply to on 4 February 2016
Ordered XXL after carefully looking at the sizes. I am borderline between size 18/20 and it is a little snug at the hip but fits perfectly elsewhere.
The number of pockets is excellent and will hold items like a small first aid kit or small binoculars.
The clips on the front allow vital items such as whistle & compass to hang in easily reachable places and the webbing at the waist ensure no undue pressure on the zip when climbing stiles etc
If you would rather not carry a day pack then this vest is for you, although you might want to invest in a water reservoir for longer treks. If you still need to carry a pack then the roll-down back will greatly reduce the sweating caused by a backpack.
Can't speak to durability as I haven't worn it out yet, but it looks good quality
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Reply to on 30 July 2015
Bought this mainly for when flying.

I end up taking a lot of equipment with me for scuba diving and underwater video. This means that I end up getting to my baggage liimits even with two hold bags and hand luggage. This vest gave me that extra space to put some smaller heavier items that would not end up taking me over the limit and incurring excess baggage fees.

The pockets are all pretty big and can fit multiply items in them and the zips are sturdy and secure.
Happyshopper Reply to on 3 July 2018
I bought this as a gift for my partner for Christmas he’s a fishing fanatic and totally loved his gift, unfortunately he’s only used it 5/6 times and the zips have broke on it and also the clip so it’s unusable now which is sad as it was a great price and fast delivery if the stiching and the zips were made more secure the top would be perfect and great price. This would maybe be good as a replacement don’t think it would last if you were using it all the time which is unfortunate.
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