Kisaran Ring Chime - Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Chime for Video doorbell, White:Kisaran
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Ring Chime - Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Chime for Video doorbell, White:Kisaran

Ring Published in September 23, 2018, 8:19 am
 Ring Chime - Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Chime for Video doorbell, White:Kisaran

Ring Chime - Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Chime for Video doorbell, White:Kisaran

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Simon B
Simon B Reply to on 13 May 2018
The Ring 2 is great, but if you want to hear the doorbell ring in your house (and not just on your mobile), then you need one of the chimes. I went for this, the version without the wi-fi range extender, but it’s worth noting that ultimately I had to buy a separate wi-fi range extender because I had such a poor connection at the door bell. It does exactly what it is supposed to: it rings when someone pushes the doorbell, and I really feel that it should be included with the doorbell, rather than being sold as a standalone item (especially one that costs more than £20).

The chime is a relatively small and discrete box and loud enough for an average house. However, it does not have pass through, so you need a spare plug socket in the location you want to install it. Set up, via the app, is relatively simple - but be aware that like many smart home devices, it only connects on a 2.4GHz network (I had already set my router to separate the SSIDs for 5GHz and 2.4GHz, and if you have any problems connecting I would start there).

And like all smart home devices, the doorbell will only work if your broadband is working (I had several days where the 2.4GHz network was refusing to provide any broadband connection, and as a result I had no smart home and no doorbell)!

So, overall, it’s a decent doorbell: loud enough and quite discreet, But before buying, check if you’ll need the version with the wi-fi range extender. And it really should be included with the Ring doorbell, rather than being sold as a (reasonably expensive) add on item.
Mr. R. Farr-Jones
Mr. R. Farr-Jones Reply to on 5 May 2018
I had some real problems getting this to work with my BT Whole Home WiFi Mesh network. The Ring Doorbell 2 connected to my home network easily and has stayed connected since, but the Chime kept disconnecting every day, and I would have to reset it several times, but it eventually refused to connect.

Several chats to Ring couldn't resolve the connectivity issues so I googled the problem and found some people complaining about the fact it uses the 2.4GHz WiFi network and that connectivity is flaky. To resolve my problem I configured my network to transmit on channel 1 on the 2.4GHz network, and channel 36 on the 5GHz network. Both were set to 'auto' previously. This resolved my connectivity issues immediately and the Ring support person I was on the phone to was impressed I had fixed it and took notes in case it could help others.

Given the price of Ring products and the subscription fees for the video storage, I would expect this product to just work out of the box.
NR in London
NR in London Reply to on 19 February 2018
The volume levels are poor as others have stated and the selection of ring tones is also poor, especially as the product has connectivity so you should be able to upload new tones to it etc. I've had to buy two of them to cover the upstairs and downstairs. I have actually found the connectivity of the chimes to be better than that of the doorbell.
The setup is very straightforward.
leo Reply to on 30 March 2018
Chimes will not turn on,not working.D.O.A.
Seems to be a common quality control ?.
Jean-paul hurrell
Jean-paul hurrell Reply to on 15 July 2018
this is a simple and good add on to the ring system I have . I love the way you can change the ring tones from your phone using the ring app. they have Christmas ones all the way to Halloween too.
its nice and loud and you can also setup different tones for movement alarms on your ring cameras I have one tone for door bell and 2 different tones for front of house and rear of house .
its a simple setup up . a few minutes and its works
Tumble Reply to on 7 August 2018
Do not waste your money! Reset over 10 times but still useless, you have to phone America to talk to someone absolute rubbish.
Seven attempts to join my WiFi then when finally connected it disconnects itself only to have to reset and start again, when connected I left on over night to try again next morning, exactly the same, when I finally got connected again I linked with the door bell only to find it stops the doorbell from working, won’t connect to support (what a surprise) both products are a complete waste of money. Won’t go on what’s the point.
Robert Reply to on 4 May 2018
I bought this one rather than the Pro version, as I already have a wifi range extender. If I didn't have the range extender I would have bought the Pro chime, and solved two problems at once.

It does what it's supposed to. It can even be set in the Ring app to sound like a classic 1970s Freidland two-bar door chime, amongst other tones.
Maureen Benson
Maureen Benson Reply to on 16 April 2018
Can't find many sound choices, thought there would be more. The "Ring" doorbell rings outside twice, a very "tinny" sound, the Ring Chime only goes "Ding Dong" once.
Poor sound quality, thought I could have a real Westminster chime which was not tinny and cheap sounding. Disappointed.
The Ring Chime would not work in the hall at all, had to locate it in the kitchen.
Psyman Reply to on 1 July 2018
Set up a breeze, works exactly as intended. Only grumble is that it’s not loud enough at max volume! Will need to buy a second (but I see the price has gone up from £19.95 to £29.00 in the last few weeks?!?!?) Will wait for promo...!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 February 2018
Plug in, connect to WiFi, and play. I’ve got a Chime and Chimo Pro supportable my Video Doorbell 2 and security camera - all work well. Highly recommended.
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