Kisaran Samsung LC27H711QEUXEN 27-Inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 3 Side Bezel-Less Curved Monitor - Metallic Silver:Kisaran
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Samsung LC27H711QEUXEN 27-Inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 3 Side Bezel-Less Curved Monitor - Metallic Silver:Kisaran

Samsung Published in October 18, 2018, 11:25 am
 Samsung LC27H711QEUXEN 27-Inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 3 Side Bezel-Less Curved Monitor - Metallic Silver:Kisaran

Samsung LC27H711QEUXEN 27-Inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 3 Side Bezel-Less Curved Monitor - Metallic Silver:Kisaran

Price:£369.97+ Free shipping with Marafon-bk Prime

Jack Collins
Jack Collins Reply to on 13 April 2018
Beautiful screen, great colours and sharpness. Loses a star for 2 reasons:
1 - stand is pretty wobbly, heavy typing can get a wobble going
2 - base is huge , and I keep mistaking it for a dinner plate.
Jg23 Reply to on 26 November 2017
Looks great and the picture quality and depth of colour are really nice.
Dr Julian Randall, editor, Society of Medical Writers
Dr Julian Randall, editor, Society of Medical Writers Reply to on 9 August 2018
I'm an ageing medical writer with failing eyesight & needed a big screen to proof-read magazine articles, so I can read the full-width of a page in 200% zoom. I also needed the screen to be curved to compensate for my special glasses which are high-powered varifocals. This monitor allows me to read the whole screen from the focal point without having to move my head around all the time & the resolution is superb. I'm well pleased with it. It was also exceptional value for money compared with its competitors. The only alternative I'd consider would be the 31" version of the same brand.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 July 2018
Ad: nice design, good performance, easy setting, big enough
Dis: just two connection interface, led flash mode is annoying, no USB extension and sound connection, color is not perfect under win10
Iteky Reply to on 31 August 2018
Thank you. Good goods and not expensive. Customer. Cardiff.
Duc Tran
Duc Tran Reply to on 3 July 2018
Nice screen, but not ergonomic. I have to use it with stand to make it more flexible. Adapter required to use with stand as no Vesa holes.
Megan Reply to on 13 July 2018
I use this with my MacBook for work. its ideal!
ghadeer A
ghadeer A Reply to on 15 June 2017
pre calibration:
when i first recieved it it had uniformity issues light is not even on all screen in black scenes plus awakward color shift on the lowerside of the monitor in bright scenes it has light bleed on two lower corners lower left being worse, has horrible freecync range from 48 to 75 in the ultimate configurations my old 27 inch 1080P ips dell seemed better.
after calibration:
reducing the brightness to 25 and changing gamma to mode 2 fixed the monitor for me the glow is really reduced colors are better,
but still on a white back ground seems like half the screen has a yellow tent, and i had two both of them looked the same, it may be the quantom dot uniformity issues and it also has lower monitor back light bleed which is blue due to quantum don has blue back lighting.
major flows:
-update 13/11/2017 freecync is fixed everything works great and smooth no more video choppyness in browsers and it is amazingly good for games makes everything smooth and helps with heavy graphics and prolongs the useage of videos cards i think due to its ability to better use them. it has one weakpoint it seems it wont work below 48hz unlike monitors with freecync 2 though i am not 100% sure about this.
-the monitor completley disconnects when on idle so it has issues reconnecting when using dual monitors this isnt a first for a samsung monitor i tried, continued link fauilers it keeps failing to detect the monitor once it goes to sleep or if you connect to another monitor via displayport, it seems it has issues with displayport or that samsung is using a peice of junk cable i used another one it didnt fix it either, the problem is there is only one mini dp to dp on the planet that is certified and its very expesive, connecting to hdmi directly to my video card seems to have fixed it for now. so dont use display port i have tested on 3 computers with 3 different cables the problem is the same.
and the funny part is that this monitor is a european model, they threw a uk plug inside but didnt bother checking that there is no way to plug it ito the monitor so you will need an adapter, iv seen people on youtube with the same issue, it also comes with a wart adapter which isnt great.
- now this is not a british model so i cant contact samsung uk i have to go thru samsung germany and they answer only in german.
samsung has had a ton of issues with this monitor since the anounced it in CES 2017
- i returned it, and recieved a brand new one, same problems, i even asked in amazon USA and i recieved one user response who seems to have the same problem icons shrink i.e. link faliure, samsung has a history with this issue the 750D i had to two years they didnt bother fixing, and a quick online search will indicate that many manufacteres may suffer from the same problems.
- in short this has great image color as in colors pop you might say, but not much different than a good midrange samsung TV with no quantum dot which i have and can compare to, and when i bought it it was the only VA 1440P on the market so if you only intend on using HDMI it will be good enough, i will always favor a VA over the IPS with the IPS horrible glow
17-9-2017 update:
one dead pixel on the lower left corner
Chris Hoare
Chris Hoare Reply to on 27 November 2017
I had really high hopes for this monitor; I think the entire office (where it was delivered) were interested to see how it went as on first sight it offers a great compromise on size and price. Sadly to get to the price Samsung have compromised in a number of areas. The cool looking stand is entirely too wobbly; and it is ergonomically challenged as it doesn't offer any height adjustment. Samsung have also not added a VESA mount so you cant choose to adjust the stand and replace it with an adjustable one yourself. The screen out of the box had a blue hue and whites looked cold (the photo below shows the screen against an uncalibrated LG Superfine.)

The connectivity to the screen is also HDMI or Display port, the HDMI cable was installed by default; and runs down the arm of the stand leaving the monitor looking pleasantly cable free. It is powered by a small power brick (that attaches directly to the plug). Strangely the screen doesn't come with any speakers.

Alongside my existing already large 27" monitors; the screen feels truly massive and hte lack of adjustment in the stand is quickly felt as it just felt too low. Using it for low resolution tasks like watching relatively low 1080p films from Itunes it it looks great with motion nicely under control and the colours looking nice. Playing Civilisation VI on it looks just fine in full screen. In those cases when you are close to the screen and immersed in what you are doing the curve melts away and the screen feels flat which proves the value of the curve in those situations (those perversely these are teh situations the lack of sound is most noticeable.)

Using the screen for work it isnt as satisfactory; with visual studio, excel or word running the screen the curve starts to become a distraction; Text is distractedly distorted at the edges. If your work Is editing photos or video I don't think its the right screen for you; the resolution could do with being 4 just to get more onto the screen. It does make a nice (no 4k) playback screen though. The screen is half the price of the LG shown in the screenshot below - it is 7: bigger but only has 1/2 the resolution. The reduction in resolution was noticeable in onscreen fonts and

Ultimately I think the AMD Freescale support is a signpost; the is a screen for playing lower resolution non 4k games on. For my civilisation fix it is excellent the curve brings my world into closer focus. For doing homework or other light work it is just fine. For students it may be a great screen doubling up as a Netflix window. I cant judge this alongside my workaday monitors they are in an entirely different price bracket. The colour casting can be fixed; sadly the stand and lack of speakers can't both of which feel like an omission on this screen
Dr. Paul Ell
Dr. Paul Ell Reply to on 5 December 2017
This is a relatively new, and relatively low-cost monitor from Samsung. It has a 32 inch widescreen format which isn’t as intimidating as it seems. It doesn’t seem too long ago when the biggest TV you could buy was a 34 inch model.

In design terms I guess in part the bezel-less sides (apart from along the base of the screen) help it look more svelt. It’s also helped by Samsung’s 360 design which means the rear of the monitor lacks inputs or obvious cables hanging loose. Less pleasing is the white plastic finish which is certainly not metallic silver as per the Amazon description.

Installation is pretty straightforward despite fairly minimalist instructions. In essence you just need to screw the base plate onto the stand arm which is pre-attached to the monitor. Despite the box the monitor comes in being both large and heavy, that must be result of packing materials as the monitor itself is very lightweight. It’s a little disappointing therefore that the monitor is a little rickety on its stand even when tightly screwed to the base. In face mine seems to be angled slightly so is not quite parallel to my desk.

On the monitor mount, the design is such that it takes up a fair amount of desk space and the monitor itself can’t be positioned hard against a wall. Whilst the monitor can be angled through a fair few degrees, it can’t be height adjusted. For me the monitor sits a little to high on my desk.

The screen itself looks very smart and minimalistic. There’s a single LED in the centre of the bottom bezel that indicates power status. The curved display was something I was concerned about as I want to use it with as a second display and so often won’t be sitting in the optimal position directly in front of the screen to benefit from the curvature. In practice though the curving is pretty subtle and it’s ok as a second screen.

There are some issues with the screen though. The monitor resolution is a little bizarre being somewhere between HD and UHD. For a screen of this size, for the closecwork that you typically do on a computer, a 4K monitor would be much better. The resolution makes images a little grainy. There’s also some light bleed through on one corner of my monitor.

I’m a Mac user and wanted to link the monitor from a recent-generation iMac. Samsung use image enhancing software - AMD FreeSync - which as far as I can see is not supported by Apple. My experience with this monitor will, therefore, be worse than that of a PC user. There’s an additional problem in that Samsung want you to use an HDMI connection attached to your peripheral device. My iMac doesn’t have one, although my MacBook Pro does. So I’ve had to buy a Thunderbolt/Mini DP to HDMI Adapter to link to the iMac. In fact the connections into the monitor are very limited with either an HDMI input, which Samsung prefer, or a Mini DP. More options would have been welcome. Further the adapter, which was fairly cheap, seems to have an impact on image quality.

The lack of FreeSync and the somewhat long-winded way of connecting the monitor to my iMac means that I’m reluctant to comment too much as I expect my experience is worst than most. Overall it’s not bad with the biggest negative impact caused by the low resolution of the screen.

Overall though this is a good looking piece of kit, probably best suited to PC users. The cost/quality compromise is reasonable but I wish a little more thought had gone into the stand. Overall a solid 4 stars.
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