Kisaran The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Newborn Pacifier, Blue/Green:Kisaran
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The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Newborn Pacifier, Blue/Green:Kisaran

NewBorn & Babies
NewBorn & Babies Published in September 23, 2018, 8:19 am
 The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Newborn Pacifier, Blue/Green:Kisaran

The First Years 2 Pack GumDrop Newborn Pacifier, Blue/Green:Kisaran

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Regina Reply to on 18 November 2015
My baby wouldn't take a dummy at all - despite trying the majority on the market (Avent, MAM, Nuk, and Tommee Tippee). I wanted to use a dummy as my child was sucking their hands to the point of giving themselves blisters.This was the only one that he would accept. I believe that the reason for this is that the teat is shaped in a way which is very similar to the teats on a Dr Brown's feeding bottle. After persevering with this dummy, my child will now accept most other brands of dummy - I have no way of explaining this other than thinking that the Gumdrop dummies acted as a "training" dummy.

A negative is that they look very unattractive in your child's mouth. They are quite large, especially for a new born and what is even weirder is that you can see inside their mouth as they are sucking. Of course, none of this matters if the dummy is providing your child with comfort and relief.
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin Reply to on 24 February 2018
well... after hunting for what felt like a lifetime to find a replacement for the one the hospital provided my daughter at birth, these are the exact same ones - Hurrah. We tried everything, different brands, "look-a-likes" but she rejected everything... these helped up get our sleep back lol
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 30 August 2018
They are too heavy so they fell down most of the time, quite annoying for my newborn and me. The teat is ok but the weight of the handler is an important detail when baby is sucking
Kristina Reply to on 8 May 2018
Great quality products. Though they are a bit bigger. Worth to wait for long delivery. Unfortunately my 2months old didn't like them. I believe it's The issue of getting used to different shape. But I'll keep those for next one! 😁
AF Reply to on 21 August 2017
Description says: suitable for babies 3 months +, however the items we received are suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months... very disappointed!
C K Jacobs
C K Jacobs Reply to on 25 March 2018
Brilliant size for our grandson. He was very premature so quite fussy about teat size and shape, perfect for him at about 7.5lbs.
Graciemom2twins Reply to on 28 January 2016
U ordered these as my baby wanted to suck but wouldn't take any other dummy, he would suck on these only for a short time, and in the end I just accepted he didn't want to have a dummy so altho my son still wouldn't take these I would recommend if your baby really does want a dummy but wont take any others.
Matt Reply to on 13 July 2017
The dummies are well designed, the colours vibrant and the teat is small enough for my 2 month old baby.
Jade Reply to on 15 June 2013
This dummy is the best I've had, when I had my first son I breastfed and gave him a dummy and it intrupted breastfeeding as the shape of the dummy made him suck different to when breastfeeding but this time round I searched for a better dummy as I was determined to breastfed my second son with no problems, and this dummy gave me that opportunity I would recommend this to breastfeeding mums.! :)
N. J. Keely
N. J. Keely Reply to on 7 January 2014
Overall these are good products but my newborn doesn't like the shape of the teet. They don't block his nose though which is good. You can sort of see from the picture but the teet is a different shape to many you can buy at the supermarkets.
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