Kisaran Little Big Man - Special Edition:Kisaran
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Little Big Man - Special Edition:Kisaran

Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman Published in October 18, 2018, 11:40 am
 Little Big Man - Special Edition:Kisaran

Little Big Man - Special Edition:Kisaran

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KingKLR Reply to on 30 July 2016
I made the mistake of assuming this film was going to be something like Blazing Saddles, however in the end I found its unexpected drama and tragedy much more effective than the comedy which was not to my taste though there were some amusing moments. LBM is an eclectic mish-mash that does well to capture the zeitgeist of not only the Old West but also 70s America when it was made, deconstructing many of the myths and tropes concerning the period. Although rough around the edges it is a very humanistic film balancing pessimism with optimism but overall I found it to be unbalanced in terms of tonal consistency, with certain comic scenes coming off awkward in contrast to the sudden shift in tone. The standout performance for me was Old Lodge Skins who is both wise and funny (being played by an actual Native American in a time when almost all important roles went to Whites), he is what made this film worth watching.
David Nissen
David Nissen Reply to on 1 January 2017
Its nice when a movie far exceeds your expectations . I saw this in the early '70's on first release and it made little impression on me then . Surprising really , as it was one of the first movies to tell the story from the side of the Native Americans .Seeing it again recently I was hugely impressed by the perspective it gave , balancing brutal fact with a certain amount of humour . This is one definitely worth re-visiting , vintage Dustin Hoffman , but up to his usual standard .
Doug Brown
Doug Brown Reply to on 30 December 2017
This is one of my all time favourite films. Funny, tragic but always enlightening. It does my heart good to see this again... my heart soars like a hawk ;)
mary campbell
mary campbell Reply to on 3 December 2016
some people have analysed this film much more than i could. It was entertaining and definetely not for a main stream audience. If you enjoyed the new version of the lone ranger by tim burton then you would appreciate this movie as it isinthe same genre. dustin hoffman apparently took a hour to perfect the voice of the 123 year old. a fault with it is that its over long.
K. A. Newton
K. A. Newton Reply to on 14 September 2016
Love this movie. Very pleased to watch it again - I had it on video but it was grabbed by another party in a split of assets. Takes a while to get used to Little Big Man's swings of identity to save his life - and I don't think he found his sister again.

No sister but he did find the wife who had been kidnapped and chose not to recognise her.

I don't want to spoil the story.
kellyjane074 Reply to on 18 September 2016
One of the films I used to be able to stay up late for. Hoffman gives a splendid performance, did find it a little rambling on viewing it again but still a very enjoyable film and Faye Dunnaway is always a pleasure to watch.
Big Bruce
Big Bruce Reply to on 21 December 2016
Saw this film at the cinema years ago and watching it again on DVD it was just as good. Combines comedy and humour with tragedy and graphic examples of mans inhumanity to man. An unmissable classic
Mr JD Meagan
Mr JD Meagan Reply to on 26 June 2018
very good item and service
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Reply to on 21 August 2018
victoria Reply to on 18 July 2018
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