Kisaran Dremel Hobby Engraver 290-3/4 Compact Tool (35 W), 3 Accessories, 4 Stencils:Kisaran
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Dremel Hobby Engraver 290-3/4 Compact Tool (35 W), 3 Accessories, 4 Stencils:Kisaran

Dremel Published in September 23, 2018, 8:50 am
 Dremel Hobby Engraver 290-3/4 Compact Tool (35 W), 3 Accessories, 4 Stencils:Kisaran

Dremel Hobby Engraver 290-3/4 Compact Tool (35 W), 3 Accessories, 4 Stencils:Kisaran

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Louise Emerson
Louise Emerson Reply to on 20 August 2017
I bought the Dremel engraver so I could practice personalising items such as glasses, wood and other items.
It arrived on time and came with a couple attachments. It is not cordless and comes with a lead. The attachments are good but I found I needed to buy the recommended burr, which I did not mind.

It has five settings and you need to practice to see what it can do. Depending on the burr that you are using you may need to have it at an angle but have a practice. It is very comfortable to hold but would not want to do this for hours on end.
Be careful that it chips the glass slightly so you may want a cover or safety glasses when starting. I don't use safety glasses myself but use a cover and always wash my hands after as the glass fragments are tiny.

The Dremel itself is as pictured and is small so it does not take up much space. To change burr you need to a screwdriver.

The only annoying thing about the Dremel is that it is very noisy and out of respect for my neighbours I can only do this during the day. The instructions are also annoying as it is a big booklet full of different languages so it takes time to find the English part and it does not give out information such as which burr to use or how to change it which I found annoying.

The stencil do not work very well and I would advise drawing your own as the stencil it comes with are tiny and the burr are bigger. It's a shame as the stencil look good but the burr just about fits in but you cannot do it properly.

If you are starting out there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you out from how to do it, what burrs to use, how to change, reviews on Dremel.

Despite the flaws I feel that this is a good product and is great for those who want to do this as hobby or as their own business.
Helentog (photographer)
Helentog (photographer) Reply to on 18 January 2018
There is nothing wrong with the tool itself, but I cannot use it due to having an operation on my arm. Too much vibration for me to cope with.
wendy In Arusha
wendy In Arusha Reply to on 17 August 2018
So annoying, trying to sort this out was difficult, and so that was a purchase I regret, I should have sent it back.
But I was about to travel and I had bought it for someone overseas as a gift for their business, so I didn't know until I was in another country far away that it was incomplete.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 January 2017
Great little tool. Easy to use and pretty accurate.
Kelvin L
Kelvin L Reply to on 9 March 2015
This is a nice easy to handle engraver. Being left-handed it can be tricky with some engravers as you end up 'pushing' the bit giving wobbly lines, but this is easy enough to hold at a resonable angle and produce clear, neat lines. The supplied carbide steel bits (and the diamond bit) allow you to make really fine lines and very small lettering.

In addition to wearing eye protectors when using this engraver I would recommed ear-plugs, it is quite loud - particularly when engraving on metal. Lengthy sessions can leave your ears ringing!
Adam Page
Adam Page Reply to on 8 November 2015
Does what it needs to do! But be warned this is NOT a dremel multi tool! it's only an engraver, a lot of people can be caught out by this especially if they have never owned a multitool, for engraving tho this is a pretty good piece of kit, especially for the price
G.1882 Reply to on 29 April 2018
First time using dremel, taking time getting use to operation.
Lintobo Reply to on 18 May 2018
I am very happy with this product.
Geoff Reply to on 5 October 2015
The machine arrived on time, but all though doing what its supposed to do I found it to powerful even on its lowest power setting for engraving glass. The product is a hammer product which I think is not mentioned in its description. I really wanted an engraver that spins rather than hammer. In all it did what it said it would do. Would I buy it
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 11 March 2018
Bought as a gift, he loves it.
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